We at bluenova Business Solutions are an innovative business service company committed to upgrading your business. We essentially look after all the tedious side tasks that come with running a business, so you and your team don’t have to. Our service allows you to concentrate on your core business so you can simply concentrate on increasing your profits.

Initially operating out of Brisbane, Australia, our company has quickly expanded internationally. We value our business customers as partners and we are solely in our business to help you expand. Our business growth essentially depends on your growth, so let’s work together now to minimise your costs and increase your profits.

BlueNova -Streamline Your Work and Focus on Desired Tasks



BlueNova - We Do The Hard Work For Optimal Business Solutions



Many of our customers have found before they engaged our services that such a large proportion of their time is doing mundane tasks such as creating invoices, answering basic customer questions, following up on customers that haven’t paid, replying to e-mails, ensuring the bills are paid on time etc. Nobody goes into business for those reasons. Now they concentrate on the reason that they went into business in the first place, offering their goods or services to customers.

Imagine a plumber not having to answer his mobile whilst in the middle of a job. Imagine a real estate agent concentrating on leasing or sales with pre-valued leads only, the prospecting has already been looked after. Imagine a sole psychologist paying a mere fraction of $45,000 for a receptionist. Imagine all your clients have been surveyed, reviews have been requested, bills have been paid, all whilst you have been concentrating on what matters most. This is where bluenova Business Solutions come in. We look after all the mundane stuff, so you don’t have to. We tailor our services to each business individually. We will go through your budgets with you, your desires for expansion and provide solutions to optimise your business processes and reduce any wasted costs.

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